'Rahukaala' delays Ramya's nomination

'Rahukaala' delays Ramya's nomination

It was an emotional moment for Ramya, who arrived at the Deputy Commissioner’s office to file her nomination papers for the Lok Sabha polls from Congress party, in Mandya, on Wednesday.

It may be recalled that her adopted father R T Narayan had collapsed at the DC’s office and passed away in a hospital, soon after she filed her nomination papers for the last Lok Sabha by-election on August 2, 2013.

Coming in an open vehicle from Kalikamba temple in a procession, in the city, she became emotional on seeing the DC’s office building. She immediately overcame her feelings and waved at her supporters.

As it was 12.10 pm and Rahukaala (which is considered inauspicious by Hindus) had begun, she filed her nomination papers at 1.40 pm, after it was over. She sought the blessings of former MP G Madegowda, who was present, before filing her papers.


Ramya has studied up to PUC and is a popular film actor. She has Rs 50,000 on hand and a bank balance of Rs 45,81,931. She owns 500 gm gold jewellery (worth Rs 14.12 lakh), movable assets worth Rs 60,43,931 and immovable assets worth Rs 2.20 crore with liabilities amounting Rs 55,30,653.

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