Kumaraswamy couple assets at about Rs 150 crore

Kumaraswamy couple assets at about Rs 150 crore

Kumaraswamy couple assets at about Rs 150 crore

 Former Karnataka Chief Minister and state JDS chief H D Kumaraswamy along with his wife has declared assets worth about Rs 150 crore, but both do not own any vehicle,says their affidavit before electoral authorities.

Kumaraswamy's wealth pales compared to that of his wife Anitha, whose assets are almost four fold more than his, said the affidavit before the Returning Officer in Chikkaballapura where he is pitched against Union Minister Veerappa Moily for the Lok Sabha polls.

Kumaraswamy, son of former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda, who has described himself as an agriculturist and public servant has immovable assets worth Rs 26.49 crore and movable assets of Rs 2.56 crore.

In stark contrast, his wife, a former MLA, has immovable assets worth Rs 12.87 crore and movable properties of Rs 107.83 crore.

Kumaraswamy has liabilities of Rs 2.15 crore as against his wife's Rs 70.07 crore.
In the column relating to motor vehicles, he has declared "nil" for both himself and his wife.
Kumaraswamy owns jewellery, silver articles and diamonds worth Rs 25.20 lakh and for his wife the same has been declared at Rs 49.27 lakh.

According to the affidavit, Kumaraswamy has Rs 14.79 lakh cash in hand and Anitha Rs 40.71 lakh.

He has declared an agricultural income of Rs 12.20 lakh and a "normal" income of Rs 6.8 lakh for 2012-13.