Matter of one innings before Yuvi gets back to form: Rohit

Matter of one innings before Yuvi gets back to form: Rohit

Matter of one innings before Yuvi gets back to form: Rohit

Indian batsman Rohit Sharma today stood firmly behind his out-of-form colleague Yuvraj Singh, expecting him to play that elusive innings against Bangladesh tomorrow which will get him back to form.

"As far as Yuvraj is concerned, it's a matter of just one innings. If one innings goes well, he will get back confidence. He has been a fantastic player for India having won us a lot of T20 matches in the past including World Cups.

"I hope that tomorrow is the day when he gets that one elusive innings, needed to get back to form. It will be great for team," Rohit told mediapersons on the eve of the third group league encounter against hosts Bangladesh.

Rohit also did not wish to read too much into Yuvraj’s sloppy effort on the field."He (Yuvraj) is a good fielder but good fielders also drop catches. Not a big deal. It's about that one innings that gives him confidence and everything will be alright after that," were Rohit’s comforting words for his senior colleague.

Rohit agreed that this is Team India's best chance to get into the semi-finals of the World T20 since their triumph in the inaugural edition back in 2007 but would like to take one game at a time.

"Absolutely, this is our best chance to qualify for the semi-finals and we are not looking too far ahead. As I said, tomorrow's game would be crucial and we can take the things from there on. Semi--final or final is still a long way to go.

"Right now, we would like to take one match at a time. Tomorrow’s game, as I just mentioned will be important. We will see what we can do after we are through with tomorrow’s match. We can plan accordingly then."

Rohit feels that more than improving upon their net run-rate, the first priority will be to win against Bangladesh and clinch a spot for the last four.

"Before enhancing our run-rate, we would ideally like to win the match. If we win the match, then we are safe but as far as run-rate is concerned, this matter is in our minds. First priority is to win the match and get the (net) run-rate aspect out of the equation. If we win, net run-rate will be automatically be taken care of."