Bescom officer dislocates ankle bone in lift crash

Bescom officer dislocates ankle bone in lift crash

A 45-year-old senior assistant officer with Bescom dislocated her right ankle bone when a lift at Krishi Bhavan near Hudson Circle crashed on Thursday afternoon.

Four other people suffered minor injuries as the lift was filled beyond capacity. Yashoda had got into the lift from her 2nd-floor office to get lunch box from her car. There were already seven to eight people in the lift, which had a carrying capacity of 350 kg. 

Then all of a sudden, it crashed down. An injured Yashoda was rushed to a hospital where she is being treated, her son Rakesh said. 

“We are still trying to find out what exactly happened. As of now, our concern is the safety of my mother. We’ll later check with the officials concerned how the lift malfunctioned,” he said, adding that they had not yet decided on making a complaint to the police. 

The four other injured people went home after getting first aid at a nearby hospital. Police said necessary action would be taken only after the family made a complaint.

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