Bifurcated AP will need massive funds to complete irrigation works

Bifurcated AP will need massive funds to complete irrigation works

As the state of Andhra Pradesh heads towards bifurcation, the incomplete irrigation works is posing a major problem in the division of assets and liabilities.

A whopping Rs 1,13,954  crore is required for completion of pending irrigation works under the infamous Jalayagnam programme launched by former chief minister Y S Rajasekhar Reddy.

The project has allegedly become a den of corruption in the last ten years during the Congress regime.

Governor E S L Narasimhan who reviewed the water sharing process as part of the Telangana bifurcation was informed that the share of residuary state of Andhra Pradesh was Rs 36,581 crore as against Telangana’s share of Rs 76,943 crore.

The water sharing subcommittee informed the governor that so far Rs 78,000 crore has been spent and 32 projects completed but only 23.363 lakh acres have been additionally irrigated and 3.962 lakh acres have been stabilised.

Narasimhan was not happy at the delay and lack of clarity in the expenses and project implementation during the last ten years in which huge public money was spent.

In Polavaram project, though it did not get Central clearance, the Rajasekhar Reddy government had gone ahead and completed the canal ahead of the main project which is now locked up in inter-state issues and is likely to be taken up as a national project  after the bifurcation.