Laser cataract surgery works

Laser cataract surgery works


Many of the steps of traditional cataract surgery are performed using hand-held tools.

Now, they can be done with the precision of a laser. Using the Catalys Precision Laser System, your surgeon can offer you unprecedented accuracy and     customisation in your cataract surgery procedure. The Catalys can be used to create a circular opening for accessing and removing the cataract. It then   softens and breaks up hard cataract into tiny pieces, allowing for gentle and easier cataract removal. Clinical     studies have shown this opening to be 10 times more accurate when             performed with Catalys, than when done by hand.

You will be in the procedure room for about 15 minutes, and the duration of your stay in the hospital could be 3-4 hours. You may expect little to no discomfort during the treatment.                Normally, you will be able to see within 10-15 minutes post surgery, but vision could be hazy. Most patients see well on the first post-operative day, but in some cases, for example, hard and mature cataracts, it may take 2-3 days for full visual recovery.

Depending upon your pre-operative vision, and desired visual result, your surgeon may recommend a customised treatment plan that could include         creating ultra-precise laser incisions in the cornea and a specific implant type. Such a customised treatment may          reduce your need for glasses or contact lenses after surgery.

(The writer is chairman and MD, Nethradhama Superspeciality Eye          Hospital, Bangalore)