CMC has no info on roads, population

CMC has no info on roads, population

Startling RTI reply reveals 

In an astonishing revelation, the City Municipal Council has claimed of lacking information about the number of roads and streets and the population in particular road or street in Madikeri city. 

The reply of the public relation officer of the Madikeri CMC to a Right to Information query filed by an individual, which is available with Deccan Herald, shows that the CMC lacks information on the population in CMC limits. 

T C Thimmaiah, a resident of Dechur had filed an application under RTI to the CMC on January 20, seeking information. 

He had sought information as he had complained on the creation of wards in the recent poll for Madikeri CMC was not according to the specific guidelines. 

The people residing in his ward were included in the voters list of another ward. He also alleged that the area and population was not considered while constituting the wards. 

“For example, the population in Ward No 17 is 465, while the population in Ward No 1 is 1,916. The population is almost four times more in Ward No 1 compared to Ward No 17.
Therefore, I filed the RTI with the CMC to know on what basis they had divided the wards,” he told Deccan Herald. 

The CMC has 25 blocks which has been divided into 23 wards. He had sought information about the roads, streets, number of houses and population in particular area. 

CMC Assistant Executive Engineer who is also the Public Information Officer, K M Ravikumar sent a reply to the RTI query on February 26, along with information about 23 wards attached to it. The reply note said that “the revenue department office of the CMC does not have any information about the roads, streets, number of houses and population in the said blocks.”

Wonderstruck T C Thimmaiah has said that it is ridiculous that the authorities have no information about the population based on which the election is held.