Poll duty: Appointment orders sent to 14,218

Poll duty: Appointment orders sent to 14,218

With just over a fortnight left for the Lok Sabha polls, officials concerned with the elections are busy finalising the list of polling officers, assistant polling officers and micro observers for various polling booths in the district.

While a majority of government employees and employees of aided educational institutions will take part as polling personnel, a few of them have already sought exemption from polling duty, citing various reasons.

 However, the final list of polling officials is expected to be released in the next few days, with exemptions made only to individuals with ‘legitimate’ concerns.

Polling booths

A total of 2,675 polling booths will be set up in the district during the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, for which 10,968 officials, including presiding officers, assistant presiding officers and micro-observers will be deputed. 

Each polling booth will have one presiding officer (PRO), one assistant presiding officer (APRO), and second and third polling officers. The number of second and third polling officers required are 5,618, said Lokanath, Man-Power Officer for elections in the district.Apart from these officials, 1,340 micro-observers will also be deployed for the polls.

A total of 14,218 appointment orders have been dispatched, under Peoples Representation Act, to various government officials to serve as PROs, APROs and second and third polling officers.

With training for PROs starting on March 29, officials seeking exemption will have to approach the Assistant Returning Officers concerned. “Based on medical records, a few individuals will be exempted. The ones seeking exemption are also eligible to bring alternatives, Lokanath said. 

A major chunk of the officials taking part in poll duty has been taken from the education department. 


Lokanath said, approximately 42 per cent of the employees to whom appointment orders have been despatched are women. The numbers may vary following the training, he said. 

A special provision has also been made for women during the polls, to serve as polling officials in constituencies where they are employed. The move is aimed at reducing inconvenience to women, he added.

While training for PROs will begin on March 29, training for micro-observers is expected to take place after April 6.