'Acting is easier than dubbing'

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Last Updated 30 March 2014, 12:45 IST

Kriti Kharbanda is not a Kannadiga. But the actress says that does not make her any less a Kannadiga. Kriti says that a lot of people call her by the name of her character in the films that she has acted and that she says is inspiring enough for her to work harder.

The stunning lady has been getting a lot of offers from Sandalwood. She has four releases this year and is ready to sign another four projects. “I prefer to work in projects that are convincing and ones that will make an impact,” Kriti tells Metrolife.

Kriti has almost completed a film with Upendra called  Superro Ranga, where she plays an ultra-glamourous woman. “The film is a remake of the Telugu movie ‘Kick’. I play a modern character and my director jokingly told me that with my kind of face, it is difficult to make me ‘look sexy’ but we’ve succeeded after a lot of trial and error,” she laughs.

The film is ready for release and Kriti says that she has undergone a transformation of sorts in this movie. “I wear really short dresses and colourful costumes. I play the character of a girl who is full of herself. I have not only experimented with my costumes but I’ve also played around with the hairstyle and make-up,” she states.

Kriti confesses that she’s now fluent in Kannada and has worked really hard to master the dialogues. “I can now speak fluent Kannada, so much so that I am ready to dub for my next project,” notes Kriti. She feels that acting is easier than dubbing but she says she’s eager to lend her voice to the character she plays. “I really want to attempt dubbing. It’s a lot of hard work but I am willing to give that much of time and effort,” she adds.

For Kriti, working opposite Upendra in ‘Superro Ranga’, has been an experience in itself.

“The best compliment was when Upendra told me that he really liked my costume in the movie.

The team was good and I always turned out to be everybody’s punching bag. They would make fun of me, laugh on my face and feel good about it. We bonded well,” she says. Kriti is currently working in Belli with Shivarajkumar. 

(Published 30 March 2014, 12:45 IST)

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