KC General Hospital has only one radiologist

KC General Hospital has only one radiologist

It is just one radiologist upon whose shoulders falls a herculean task of managing all responsibilities of the department at the State-run KC General Hospital at Malleswaram. 

Hospital sources said in most cases, patients wait for over a week for examination. The situation has continued for the past 10 years, despite approaching the higher-ups to sanction additional posts. 

In addition to performing medical examinations such as X-ray and scanning on a routine basis, the doctor is expected to be present when medico-legal cases come up before the court, sources said. “On any given day, 80 patients wait for scanning and X-ray alone. Most are asked to come back again as it is impossible to examine so many in one day,” they added. 

Hospital authorities said since there is only one sanctioned post, there is no one to help this specialist. “In case of emergencies, the patient is referred to other hospitals,” they added.
 Ideally, they said, to meet the demand, there was need for three more specialists at the hospital. 

Further, professionals explain that it is disparity in pay for radiologists as compared with private hospitals that is a deterring factor. While in the public sector, the monthly pay was around Rs 50,000, it was about Rs 3 lakh in private institutions, they pointed out. 

K C General Hospital radiologist Dr Priya Kumar said, “If we consider the situation across all hospitals, the number of professionals is less. But, the scope is higher in private hospitals. Even if I work to best of my abilities, if there are 80 patients, I will be able to cover only about 50 per cent.” The condition of the paediatric department at the hospital is no better. “There is severe shortage of staff even there,” sources said.