Can't wait to work!

Can't wait to work!


Can't wait to work!
Final-year students are all set to graduate and busy looking for colleges and courses. While some final-year engineering students want to enter the workplace and gain experience, many final-year degree students want to do a postgraduate course and add to their skills. 

With a plethora of options available, the students tell Metrolife that they want to explore and choose the best one. 

Usha, a final-year degree student, says that she wants to work full time after her graduation as it will give her more time to fulfil her professional commitments and pursue her passion. 
“I can’t wait to work full time and get a feel of work life. Currently, I have to manage my academics, projects and part-time work commitments. It gets very hectic at times. I might think of pursing a postgraduate course later but right now, I want to focus on my career,” she notes.

Many want to make the best use of this time and explore all the avenues before deciding on what they should take up in future.

Manisha, a final-year degree student, says that she is thinking of studying either law or CA depending on what interests her more. 
“Chartered accountancy is a very challenging subject and requires a lot of time and focus. Law is equally challenging and I am planning to do LLM, a master’s course in law. I want to weigh my options well and then take a decision. I am taking advise from my parents, seniors as well as career counselors so that I make the best decision,” she details.

The final-year engineering students, who have been placed, are all set to enter a new phase in life. 

While some are preparing to join the corporate world, others are gearing up to apply in foreign universities for masters.

Srikant, a final-year management student, says that he has been placed and will start working as soon as his semester gets over. 

“As I have done an internship earlier, I have a fair idea about how an organisation functions. But joining a company is a different ball game altogether and I am sure it will be a very new experience for me. I have been talking to my seniors about it and they have told me to enjoy this time with friends as it will never come back,” he notes.

It’s a very crucial phase for final-year students indeed. But it looks like most of them have taken a good decision for their future and planned their career well.