Popsicles to unfetter the child in you

Popsicles to unfetter the child in you


Scorching heat and the idea of not being able to leave home during summer afternoons tests can test our patience, and surprisingly at times, also ignite the chef in us. 

Remember those long summer holidays, when you wanted to experiment with everything, except completing the holiday homework, which was piled up for the last weekend of the vacation? 
What you did instead was potter around in the kitchen, experimenting with Mom’s recipes, making custard, freezing jellies, flavoured water and everything liquid-y you could lay hands on, to get a refreshingly cool popsicle. 

In deference to those ‘freezing cool’ childhood memories, Metrolife sets the ball rolling to bring you a range of popsicles that will once again unfetter the child in you. 

Sharing an eclectic range of ice lollies such as lemon and strawberry joosticks and Hawaiian Chill to name a few,  Nitin Arora, CEO, Creambell icecreams suggests trying out, “Our most popular range Sacchmuch. 
Prepared with real fruit pulp they are a best-selling item every summer and available in three flavours: Mango, Raspberry and Litchi,” to keep yourself pleasantly hydrated this summer. 

To tantalise your taste buds with natural fruits instead, lay your hands on Frugurpops popsicles. 
Pallavi Kuchroo explains their journey into the world of paleta (Latin American styled popsicles made by using fruits), “ Our popsicles are handcrafted to perfection. Sudheer, my partner is a foodie and loves cooking. The idea arose on a hot sunny day when he thought of making a kiwi popsicle (kiwi being his favourite fruit and as a kid he loved freezing coke and eating it) and since then, there has been no looking back.”

The Gurgaon-based enterprise confirms that there is no added colour, flavour or preservatives in their delectable range of popsicles that come in prices varying between Rs 60-150. 
Ruling the charts are popsicles that come in these flavours :Apple Cinnamon rosemary, kiwi strawberry lemonade, oreo cookies and cream, strawberry cheesecake and tiramisu, to name a few, says Pallavi. 

While you are at it, go hit the neighbouring corner stall or the famous chuskiwallahs at India Gate as well, to gorge on your share of kala khattas and khatta meethas this summer.