The fruity, healthy summer beverage

The fruity, healthy summer beverage


Summer or winter, the sale of smoothies has shot up drastically in recent times. And why not?
Smoothies are quick and nutritious and are a great alternative to soda and milkshakes. 

With fitness, nutrition and health becoming a top priority in people’s lives, smoothies are becoming the hot favourite of those who crave nutrition, but hate eating fruits or vegetables, those whose want to give their children a more balanced diet, and those who want to lose weight by cutting down on a regular meal. 
Smoothies are simple to make and as someone jokingly put it even a ‘kitchen virgin’ can put one together! 

Vaibhav Bajaj of Havemore restaurant, rooting for smoothies says, “For summer one can go for the seasonal fruit smoothie like mango, watermelon, pineapple, and other flavours. We are trying to give a special North Indian touch to our smoothies and one of the all time favourite 
is the almond and pistachio smoothie.”

Low in fat smoothies are soothing and easy on the stomach. 
With fresh summer fruits at its peak, smoothies which are fruit-based, are a lip-smacking source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 
In the case of shakes, milk is used as an alternative and the main content in milkshake is mostly not natural and the liquid concentrations of fruits are used as a substitute.
One also includes ice creams in a shake which generally increases the fat content.

Anthony Philip, sommelier and beverage manager at Amour Bistro too is going the healthier way. 
“This time we are not using ice creams because they are high in calories. Instead we are using curd, fresh fruits and greens like celery and cucumber in the smoothies. We are also using lemon grass in one of our smoothies to give more freshness.”

Chef Rajat, senior Sous Chef, Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa, said, “We are offering contemporary smoothies with natural flavours and fresh ingredients. Berry Berry, Tropical Teaser and Page are our signature smoothies which are rich in vitamins and are also very healthy. These drinks are presented in different colours by adding grenadine syrup, blue curacao and with fashionable garnishes.”
Another reason for the popularity of smoothies is its versatility. 
A smoothie with a high calorie count will give a child most of the nutrients he/she needs daily. 

People who work out will get the necessary energy from the fruity drink  and those who are into strength training will get their protein requirement. 

Anshuman Mohta, manager of food and beverages at Market Cafe, said, “We have kiwi, mango, strawberry and lemon smoothies – all blended with fresh fruits and syrup. 
The most popular ones are the strawberry and mango smoothies.”