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But through a strange twist of circumstances, he is propelled into a new life which he could not have imagined even in his wildest dreams. A debut novel written in darkly humourous prose.

The Diary of an Unreasonable Man
Madhav Mathur
Penguin, 2009, pp 188, Rs 199
Pranav Kumar has had enough. He’s tired of being a corporate drone and convincing people that their lives are meaningless without the newest product he’s peddling. He hates that commercialism is the new mantra and that people actually believe that you are what you own. He wants to change the world. But how does one man make a whole country question the way we are when no one is interested in listening?

An Idealist View of Life
S Radhakrishnan
HarperCollins, 2009, pp 361, Rs 399
In this, the author explores aspects of the modern intellectual debate on science through religion and the vain attempts to find a substitute for religion. The range of subjects combined with the author’s own faith, undogmatic and free of creed, makes this book a philosophical education in itself.

The Other Woman
16 Tales of Love and Deception
Edited by Monica Das
HarperCollins, 2009, pp 270
Deceptive, tenacious and sinful, the ‘other woman’ seduces husbands, breaks happy and unhappy marriages by playing the dark temptress. She stands as much on the inside as on the outside of the relationship she infringes upon. This is the woman, powerful yet powerless, that we encounter in story after story of this unusual collection.

A Tale of Two Revolts
India 1857 and the American Civil War
Rajmohan Gandhi
Penguin, 2009, pp 402, Rs 599
Two wars — the 1857 Revolt in India and the American Civil War — seemingly fought for very different reasons, occurred at opposite ends of the globe in the middle of the 19th century. But they were bought fought in a world still dominated by Great Britain and the battle cry in both conflicts was freedom. The author brings the drama of both wars to one stage in this book.

From My Front Porch
An Anthology of Telugu Stories
Edited by Malathi Nidadavolu
2009, Sahitya Academy, pp 313, Rs 150
A collection of stories that provide a panoramic view of the traditions, social and cultural values, and modes of thinking of the people in Andhra Pradesh. Each story depicts a different aspect of Telugu people’s lives — relationships, emotions and the transformation of rural lifestyles because of urbanisation.

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