Political spat gets down and dirty

Political spat gets down and dirty

Political spat gets down and dirty

The heat of the election campaign seems to have pushed electioneering in the State to a new low.

KPCC chief G Parameshwara, on Wednesday, asked why former prime minister H D Deve Gowda had still not consumed poison after the rout of his party, the JD(S), in the 2013 Assembly elections.

“He (Gowda) had stated that his party will come to power in the State on its own strength. He had also said that he will consume poison if it does not happen. I wonder why he has not taken poison yet. I am waiting for him to do so,” Parameshwara said, even as former External Affairs minister S M Krishna was by his side.

The State Congress president was addressing party workers in the Bangalore Central parliamentary constituency. Gowda reacted sharply to Parameshwara’s teaser and called him an idiot.

The KPCC chief further alleged that Gowda had been misleading the Muslim community by posing as secular. The JD(S) national president had stated in the past that he would like to be a Muslim in his next birth, in order to woo Muslims.

“Why wait till the next birth. Who knows whether there is another birth or not. If he is serious about what he said, he should convert to Islam. Roshan Baig is ready to take him,” Parameshwara stated. Gowda hit back, saying that Parameshwara was unfit to be the State president of a national party and that he is talking rubbish.

‘Never wooed Muslims’

“I never said I will consume poison if my party fails to come to power. He (Parameshwara) is talking rubbish. I think Sonia Gandhi (Congress president) appointed him as the State party president to talk like that. I think they are feeling happy now,” he stated. On his wish to be born a Muslim, Gowda said he has neither tried to woo Muslims nor he has misled them in his career.

“I made the statement long ago when Siddaramaiah was in the JD(S). I know what he (Parameshwara) recently stated for not being given a position in the government. He had stated he will snatch it (power), if not given. I have all newspaper clippings,” he warned.

K S Eshwarappa, former State president of the BJP, condemned Parameshwara for his comments. He said the Congress leader should have restrained from making such outrageous statements.

Speaking at a book release function, Gowda warned Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to have control over his tongue, while making remarks against him or the JD(S). Gowda said that Siddaramaiah should not use unparliamentary language against him, as it does not suit the position he holds.

The JD(S) has on Wednesday brought out a booklet in Kannada, titled ‘Nimma Teerpige Idu Sakaala,’ detailing the “maladministration” of national parties and calling upon voters to choose regional parties.

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