'Fashion in India should be affordable!'

'Fashion in India should be affordable!'


For me the most important thing is comfort,” says model-turned-actor Jas Arora who is more a Delhiite than a Mumbaikar now. 

Living in the City since a couple of years, Jas has devoted himself completely to fashion. 

His tryst with couture recently went a step further when he launched his store, named after him. 
Metrolife caught him in a candid chat, as the actor-turned-designer ushered his guests at his 
atelier, in a ‘royal avatar’.

“This look is a surprise,” he says guiding the talk to his creations, his unbridled excitement for accomplishing his dream quite infectious. 

“Modelling happened accidently, but I always wanted to open my store and was focused about it. 

It thus took me just five months to compile my creation, but what took most time was the interior of this 5,000 square feet area,” he says with a glint of pride in the look he cast on his 
newborn venture.

What elicits more appreciation though is his ever-charming style statement. 

Blushing at the compliments, Jas explains with a smile, “Fashion comes naturally to me. 
I don’t follow trend from anywhere, yet listen to everything that is trendy. Moreover, I know the art of making something really simple look special.” 

The state of fashion enclosed in stores upsets this fashionista who feels that India should also have “the culture of open air fashion streets as in Milan and Paris. The maximum that we have in Delhi is Khan Market, where people wear fabulous clothes but apart from that there is nothing,” says the designer who chose Delhi over Mumbai to start his venture. 

“This city allows one to experiment with fabrics due to its three complete seasons. In Mumbai, however, one doesn’t get the opportunity to try anything more than light linen jackets, since it is largely hot and humid.”

“There is an amazing amount of talent in this country though,” he adds while making a valid point that “all these designers make everything so expensive that fashion cannot be followed by people on the streets so easily. Fashion in India should be affordable!”

The concern garners unanimous support while the talk shifts to his onscreen appearances.

“People think I am from Punjab since I have done Punjabi videos,” laughs Jas reminiscing about his initial days in the industry when he became a popular face with songs like Gud nalon 
ishq mitha and Mera longh gawacha.
“Post these, Punjabi songs suddenly became a trend,” says the actor who was last seen on Indian television in the period show on Prithviraj Chauhan and later flew to Singapore for another TV series.

“I’m not going to let go of acting,” he says firmly and takes leave with a clue that his new look is for a “surprise character in the new movie” that he has signed. 

We shall wait for him to reveal the secret!  

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