Voters deluged with radio spots, TV ads

Voters deluged with radio spots, TV ads

Voters deluged with radio spots, TV ads

If the Congress took the lead by unleashing a radio and TV blitzkrieg on the issue of development over the past 10 years, the BJP shot back with its own anti-corruption campaign on the airwaves, which all the parties want to dominate ahead of the April 10 Lok Sabha polls in Delhi.

The AAP too is relying on FM radio spots to deliver to people its leader Arvind Kejriwal’s message on the “good” performance of the party-led government in Delhi. In the AAP’s Hindi radio spots, Kejriwal describes his 49-day Delhi government as the best in the country and recounts its achievements. He claims that during his tenure as chief minister, the police had stopped taking bribes and corruption had gone down.

The TV ads of the Congress — carefully slotted in commercial breaks of soaps — have been focusing on houses for the urban poor and ample potable water supply. The “No jhagada” catchline of one of the initial ads highlights the improved living conditions in slums, due to the elimination of fights between neighbours.

 “Bharat ke mazboot haat…Congress team aap ke saath,” punchline is being used by the Congress extensively in its latest radio spots to win over street vendors.

The BJP’s radio campaign revolves around persons symbolising corruption and inflation talking on the phone with “Bharatwasi” (an Indian citizen) and announcing their plans to leave India as BJP’s leader Narendra Modi was going to become the next prime minister.“Modi aa rahen hain, iss liye mujhe jana padega (I will have to leave as Modi is coming),” says the person who identifies himself in the ad as “Bhrashtachaar” (corruption).

Modi’s recorded voice exhorting voters to support the BJP is also played on FM radio channels. The Gujarat Chief Minister says, “Hamein committee nahin, commitment chahiye (We need commitment and not committee).”

The BJP has also released a black-and-white ad on TV showing a woman worried about the safety of her working daughter in a city. During the telecast of T20 World Cup matches, the party has a cricket-based cartoon ad that shows a cricket umpire and a team captain waiting for the rival team’s captain for the toss.  “Bina captain ki team haaregi (The team without a captain will end up losing),” says the punchline, in a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Congress which has not announced its prime ministerial candidate.

The latest jingle of the BJP starts as “Ham Modiji ko lane wale hain…,” indicating an advance celebration over Modi becoming the prime minister.