Right snacks for the evening

Right snacks for the evening

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Right snacks for the evening

He operates out of a pushcart that is permanently stationed in a tiny corner on Babusapalya Main Road.

 Prabhunath, a Maharashtrian, moved into the City three years ago in search of a job and at that time, all he and his wife knew was to make delicious authentic Maharashtrian food. He cashed in on this and soon erected a pushcart and began to give Bangaloreans the real taste of Maharashtrian pav bhaji, kachori, samosa, jalebi, besan papad and mirchi bajji. 

Prabhunath says that the regulars come by to take away a quick parcel. The short-eats are sold out by afternoon and the couple always end up making a new set for the evening. The ingredients in the kachori and samosa are changed almost on a daily basis. The samosas come in all mixes and the ingredients that go into it are all healthy vegetables. They serve only vegetarian food and Prabhunath concedes that innovation is the key to staying ahead in the food business.

Prabhunath has no menu card, he simply reels out the names and offers suggestion to first-timers as to what they could start with. When he relocated to Bangalore, he didn’t think twice before starting this eating joint. “I don’t want to move into a hotel and expand my business. I am quite content with the pushcart and it is this informal setting that attracts people. I don’t think I would get the same response had I been housed in a hotel,” says Prabhunath. 

There are no worries about hygiene as the food is made fresh. “The ingredients are prepared in the morning and the vegetables are bought fresh and cleaned. Nothing is cut and kept. The preparations begin early in the morning and we are on our toes till 11 at night,” says Prabhunath.

He avers that he doesn’t compromise on the cleanliness and hygiene. “We don’t give people a spoon and the food is served on dry leaves that are cut and cleaned for this purpose. They have to eat with their hands and provision is made for them to wash their hands. We buy big cans of clean water for people to drink,” he adds.

The food is reasonably priced and the regulars say that they never leave without eating and taking away a parcel. Nandini, an IT professional, likes the samosa and kachoris. “They are rich and the quantity is good. It fills you. We intend to come back for more. It makes for a perfect evening snack,” says Nandini.

Sunitha Ashok, a homemaker, confesses that she really likes the taste. “I come here quite often. The food is served hot and it’s quite different from what you get in other places. More than anything, it’s value for money,” she sums up. 

Prabhunath’s cart is located on Babusapalya Main Road, near Five Star Chicken. For details, call 9986913581.