Not all that cool, really

Not all that cool, really

Air conditioners might keep you cool, eliminate heat rashes, and even reduce allergies by removing pollens from the air.

 However, you need to watch out for adverse effects as air cooling systems are known to cause and/aggravate certain health problems.

Dry skin 

The skin tends to feel rough, dry and dehydrated. The skin can be itchy with development of flakes/scaling or peeling. Dry skin also leads to fine lines, skin cracks and unsightly redness.

Aggravation of arthritis 

People with arthritis or with high risk of developing arthiritis/neuritis, will notice aggravating of symptoms due to prolonged exposure to low temperatures.


People with chronic sinusitis or risk factors tend to easily fall for sinus problems.


Due to prolonged exposures to cold temperatures and sudden change in pressures, when moving from one environment to another, high risk individuals can develop severe earache, and sometimes dysfunction of the inner ear.
 Minor ailments

Studies say that those who have worked for prolonged periods in air conditioned offices, have consistently shown to be more susceptible to colds, flu, headaches and various non-specific minor ailments. This constellation of symptoms has been termed as ‘sick building syndrome’.  
(The writer is a consultant neurologist at BGS Global Hospitals, Bangalore)