Vivek Oberoi steals the show

Vivek Oberoi steals the show

Vivek Oberoi steals the show

 “My mother-in-law wants to do a lot and needs your love and support. Please remember her in your prayers and your good wishes.”

Out in the hot afternoon on a Saturday, Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi donned a different hat, campaigning for his mother-in-law, Nandini Alva, the JD(S) candidate from Bangalore Central, in and around Shivajinagar.

The moderate gathering near the Thiruvalluvar statue in Ulsoor, where the campaign began, was clearly star-struck. Arriving before Nandini, Vivek was unable to get out of his vehicle for sometime as he could not open the doors of his car with curious onlookers as well as party workers crowding around it.

“If you have any problems, list it and take it to your current representatives. Try and organise yourself into a collective whole,” was Vivek’s advice to Kubra, a resident of Venkateshpura who complained about a large number of civic problems in her locality.

“Irrespective of a win or a loss, my mother-in-law will work for the constituency’s betterment and address such problems,” he assured the lady. The crowd was a mix of all classes of people and religion. There was a large number of Muslim women too who were eager to see the candidate. 

Vivek was soon joined by Nandini Alva, who after garlanding the Thiruvalluvar statue, proceeded towards Shivajinagar. “I could have just sat at home instead of entering politics. But I want to make a difference,” Nandini told a woman while interacting with the crowd. “Will you vote for me?” she asked. She could not evince any reaction - either positive or negative.

Not only Vivek, even Nandini’s son Aditya and her sister Sonia Vohra were part of the campaigning.

Along the way, it was not difficult to see what a Bollywood celebrity could bring to the campaigning of a political party. A number of people took out their mobile cameras to capture an image of the actor.

 Some walked to the star and shook hands with him.

Desperate to get an autograph from the star, Sameer, 16, was looking for a pen and a piece of paper. Finding one, he got his autograph. “I am a big fan of Oberoi and I came here only to see him,” said Sameer.

What does the candidate think about her poll prospects? When this reporter posed the query, Nandini said, “Candidates such as P C Mohan and Rizwan Arshad no doubt belong to big national parties. They, however, are just ordinary people and I being an ordinary person myself, I consider my chances just as good,” she said.

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