Will vote for the party which scraps FDI in retail: City traders

Will vote for the party which scraps FDI in retail: City traders

The traders of Delhi are waiting for Bharatiya Janata Party’s manifesto to know about the party’s stand on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in organised retail.

 The Delhi’s trader community has been demanding abolishing the FDI in multi-brand in the city. 

“The trader community is traditionally a BJP supporter. But after the UPA allowed FDI in multi-brand retail, the scenario has been changed. Now we will only vote to the party which assures abolishing of FDI,” said Praveen Khandelwal, General Secretary, Confederation of All India Traders Association.

The traders have sent their demands to all the regional and national parties in Delhi.“Some of the parties have put some of our demands in their manifestos and some of them have totally ignored us. We are making a chart of issues related to our community in manifestos of all of the parties. We will make the final chart after BJP comes out with its manifesto. Then we will ask all of our community members to vote for the party which is supporting our demands,” he said.

Though the BJP has time and again verbally opposed FDI in organised retail, but the traders want a written confirmation in their manifesto.

“The CPI, CPM and various other parties have already declared their vocal opposition to FDI in retail in their respective election manifesto. It is recalled that BJP leadership has categorically said that if it voted to power in 2014, it will scrap the current notification of FDI in retail issued by the UPA Government. The BJP also played a key role along with other political parties in and outside the Parliament for opposing FDI in retail during traders' nationwide agitation,” the association said.

A majority of members of the traders’ community live in Chandni Chowk, East Delhi and South Delhi parliamentary constituencies.