'Why should we always blame the authorities?'

'Why should we always blame the authorities?'


The issue of waste segregation was taken up pretty seriously by Bangaloreans last year. But the energy seems to have fizzled out now and no one bothers about segregating waste anymore.

Some Bangaloreans point out that they have stopped following the rule as many don’t do it and sometimes, the pourakarmikas themselves tend to mix waste while collecting it from houses. 

Citizens say that they find segregating waste pointless, especially if it is mixed during the collection process itself.

“I followed waste segregation quite religiously and for almost the whole of last year, we segregated waste at home. But later, I realised that many others were not doing it and yet the pourakarmikas were collecting it. I continue to segregate it but many others don’t. I think segregating waste has many advantages. The BBMP is wasting a lot of time and resources in asking its workers to segregate waste after the collection process,” says Swetha, a teacher.

Many also say that the BBMP is confusing Bangaloreans as it has no clarity about a possible solution for the garbage problem.

They feel that the authorities are adding to the problem by first making waste segregation mandatory and later, not following the rule themselves.  Subhash, a professional, says that waste segregation at source is a much better idea than segregation after collection.

“It is very disappointing to see that so many people in the City are not following the rule. Why should we always blame the authorities? I feel that the garbage problem will resurface again if waste segregation is not done at the start. We can see huge heaps of garbage at many places in the City and these just go on to show how inefficiently the authorities have tackled the problem. What makes it worse is that they are not coming up with any possible solution. If the pourakarmikas go on a strike one day and refuse to sort out waste, we will be back to square one,” he says.

M Lakshminarayana, commissioner, BBMP, says that most of the segregation is being done by the pourakarmikas.

“Most of the wards in the City have a dry waste collection centre. If the waste is segregated and given to us, we directly take it to the collection centres or else it is segregated and then taken. The wet waste is dumped in the land fills. Around 60 per cent of the waste is segregated by us,” he says.

On being asked about fining the households that are not segregating waste, he adds that more than Rs 20 lakhs have been collected as fine. 

“It is very difficult to enforce that rule now. We are waiting for the right time and will strictly enforce this rule once again,” he notes.

Bangaloreans feel that it is high time that they follow the rules, take things in their hand and segregate waste to keep the City clean.