Mulayam defends govt on riots on first visit to Muzaffarnagar

Mulayam defends govt on riots on first visit to Muzaffarnagar

Mulayam defends govt on riots on first visit to Muzaffarnagar

On his maiden visit to Muzaffarnagar since the deadly communal violence seven months ago, Mulayam Singh Yadav today defended UP government's handling of the riots and claimed Rs 115-crore assistance was given to victims unlike in Gujarat where "not a single rupee" was spent by Narendra Modi on the 2002 riots affected.

Addressing a rally in the western UP district that will go to polls on April 10, the Samajawadi Party supremo reached out to Muslims, and said his government had initiated a number of schemes for their welfare.

With SP government under attack for handling of communal riots that left over 60 people dead and thousands of others homeless, Mulayam claimed the administration had successfully controlled the violence in two days.

"The riots were unfortunate. We decided to give job to one member of each affected family. We assisted them in housing. SP government provided an assistance of Rs 115 crore to riot victims. Such a big amount was never distributed as relief to riot victims in the country.

"They say Modi, Modi. He took so many lives... Gujarat government did not give a single rupee to the riot victims.

"UP government has distributed  relief amount to riot victims without any discrimination," the former chief minister said.

Referring to the Sachchar committee report, he said that Mulims are economically backward and the state government has  planned various welfare schemes for them.
He said that no party would gain majority in the elections. The Third Front will form government and SP will emerge as the largest party.

He claimed that Samajwadi party would win more than 50 per cent of the 80 seats in Utter Pradesh.

SP leader said that Muslims and farmers have been  ignored in the country and they needed a helping hand to improve their condition. He appealed to the people to vote for SP candidate Virender Singh.