Little creations of great joy...

Little creations of great joy...

Unique Hobbies

For any lady, dolls always bring pleasant memories of childhood. And for 
Pattu Ramanath, an elderly citizen who lives in CV Raman Nagar, it doesn’t stop there! 

She has been making dolls for more than two decades now and though she doesn’t keep all of these cute pieces with her, she keeps some of the most unique ones. 

These not only add to her collection but also her memories.

“I love giving them away most of the time. I’ve used these dolls to make a lot of things including cards which I use on gifts,” says Pattu. 

Ask her how this passion came about and she says that she developed an interest 
towards it as her sister used to make little dolls and supply to places like Cauvery Emporium. 

“I learnt the art from 
my sister and continued it as a hobby,” says Pattu. 
She says that she tries to improvise a lot on the pattern and styling of these dolls and makes these for different purposes. 

Pattu’s collection have over 100 pieces at the moment. 

“I don’t keep them with me as sharing is the fun part. I usually gift them to 
others. Making these dolls brings a lot of joy to me,” she says.

On looking at her collection, which is neatly stacked away in a suitcase, one will find a variety of colours and styles. 

When asked about the various creative outfits that she has tried on these dolls, she says, “My sister tries out different outfits on these dolls but I’m able to make dolls with skirts, blouses, saris and Punjabi outfits perfectly.”

What does she use these dolls for? 

“I try and make different things out of them. I’ve used these dolls to make gift cards, visiting cards for myself, broaches that can be added in baby gift pouches and little dresses, keychains, table-top dolls for display and more,” says Pattu. 

She adds that she also uses these dolls to make fridge magnets. 

Wires to make the skeleton of the dolls, wool and cloth are some of the raw materials used, informs Pattu. 

“Making the skeleton is the hardest part. Once that is done, it’s easy to wrap the wool and cloth around it to make the finished product,” she explains. 

Each doll takes about an hour to make, she adds.

Pattu prefers using bright colours like red, yellow and green. “I like combining all colours to make these little items as bright and lively as possible. My favourites are red and green though,” she says. 

Pattu adds that nowadays, she has also started 
mixing and matching these with light colours.

This creative doll-maker says that most of her dolls vary in size from about two to four centimetres. 

“One can make dolls of any size but making the skeleton is an 
issue. So I try and stick to the size,” says Pattu. 

Ask her about her favourite dolls and she quickly points to the ones that have been framed. 

“I’m an artist myself and like making items based on themes. The dolls that have been combined together to make different frames are on different themes like music, where the dolls are with different instruments,” details Pattu. 

She also loves the ones that she has made into broaches.

Pattu’s hobby has got her a lot of praise. 

“My friends 
and family members request me to make these for them. They all love the different combinations I try,” says Pattu, adding, “I gave out gift cards with my dolls on them 
to guests at my son’s wedding too and got a lot of appreciation.” 

Though many have asked her to sell them, she insists that this is just a hobby for her. Many have also asked her to teach them this hobby but she doesn’t have the time. 

“Someday I will be able to share the craft with others too,” she wraps up.

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