There was something for everyone

There was something for everyone


The three-day cultural fest of BMS College of Engineering — Utsav — was a massive hit among the students of the City. 

One of the most popular fests, it attracted youngsters from many colleges. 

The theme of the fest was ‘Blast from the Past’ and the highlights this year were 
‘The Improv’ and ‘Whiplash’, the rock show.

Popular Chennai-based band ‘Junkyard Groove’ performed at the event. 

Another highlight of the fest was the mad-ads competition, which was judged by 
director Saad Khan. 
More than 50,000 students from 100 colleges across the country participated in the fest.

Different colleges like National Institute of Technology, Suratkal, BITS Pilani and some of the top Bangalore-based colleges like PESIT, RVIT, RNSIT, KSIT, DSIT were some of the participants of the fest. 

The three-day event had different kinds of competitions which showcased the talent of the students. Indian group music competition, Antakshari, ‘Turtle Jam’ — a street dance competition in the solo and group categories  — and fashion show entertained the students on the concluding day of the fest. 

Utsav also had popular stars such as Rakshit Shetty, Kriti Kharbanda and Sanjjanna attending it.

‘Whiplash’, one of the most popular events of the fest, had the students grooving to the 

Other events like Antarmukhi, VJ Hunt and a photography exhibition were also held. 

With 64 different events held across the campus, the students had nothing to 
complain about. 

While some took part in gaming, technical events and photography competitions, others took part in the music, theatre and dance competitions. 

The campus was buzzing with energy as the coordinators ran around to check if everything was on schedule. 
Rohan, one of the coordinators, was happy that the fest was a success. 
“A lot of effort had been put in to the fest and we are glad that it did well. We are happy that we were able to maintain the standard of the event. It was definitely a team effort. We divided ourselves into different teams and made sure that each team worked efficiently so that  the work was completed on time. We planned it right from the start and though our teachers helped us to a great extent, the work was largely done by the students. We learnt a lot and it was a fun experience,” said Rohan.