Dedicated to music and honesty


Dedicated to music and honesty

Rooted, humble and philosophical, singer Kailash Kher knows what it takes to make it to the top with sweat and smile!

He has redefined the status of ‘folk’ in the Indian film industry and believes that the genre can never be overused because “Is desh me khane ke baad sabse badi bhook entertainment ki hai.” In the City recently to perform with his band during the programme ‘Aman - Tu Mera Hero’ as part of ‘CanKids’ cancer awareness and fund raising programme, the crooner couldn’t stop himself from mingling with children and leaving a smile on their face.

“When my son was born, I created an album for him,” he reminisces informing us that he hasn’t released the album but “Kabir sings those songs now.

It reminds me of my childhood when I used to listen to my father’s songs while growing up.

At times I wonder about the mysterious ways of God and ask him ki aisa kaisa kar diya ki jo balak tha, jo balak hai, uska bhi ek balak hai...”      
  His philosophical side takes over him and he starts singing a few couplets from that album.

A flash from a nearby camera brings him back to the present and he comments, “Camera duniya mein sabse badi aankh hai.  It catches even the minutest detail. So I have to be careful when I make my appearances in film songs.
 Even in the forthcoming movie Desi Kattey, the filmmaker made me dress up like a rural bard and sing a line. Though it was difficult to smile with the artificial moustache pasted above my lips, yet I managed to deliver as well as I could."  Just like his previous appearances in songs like Allah ke Bande and O Sikander. 

“I do enjoy them,” he confesses candidly. At the moment, I am enjoying film music because it allows me to have a lot of variety.  So much that he is even making it huge in the Southern film industry and has sung in almost 20 languages.

I studied Sanskrit till graduation which has also helped me a lot. In addition, my grasp on language is good and my observation is sharp.

It makes me write and sing in other languages as well. Aur kyunki gaane me hum shayad thode theek thak hain isliye Ilaiyaraaja Sir bahut gava rahe hain humse,” he says referring to the well known and accomplished music composer.  But the music director, in him, however, aims to make another maestro sing his tune.
“Mera man hai ki mai kabhi Rahman se apne lyrics gawaun. But none of my dreams are so big that I can go till the end of this universe for it. Let’s see when the Almighty approves of it.”

Yet, he did sing a song for the Aam Aadmi Party.

“That was through an agency and as part of my profession,” he explains, adding, “It was a gift to AAP from us because I have faith in the thoughts of Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal. They have created a revolution for the youth and have made them speak up about the problems. Good people like these are required in our Parliament, in our Government.”  

Reiterating the need for honesty in the country, he says, “Har achche desh ka nirman imandari se hi hua hai phir chahe woh baad Switzerland ban gaya ho...” 

Sounds political? So, is he too aspiring to join politics? 

“No,” comes the prompt reply as the  artiste leaves for the concert, to play his part  of an ‘entertainer’.     

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