Corruption and loot in Congress DNA: Modi

Corruption and loot in Congress DNA: Modi

Corruption and loot in Congress DNA: Modi

Scaling up the attack on Congress, Narendra Modi today said corruption and loot are in its "DNA" even as he lashed out at the UDF and LDF in Kerala, accusing them of being engaged in a "friendly" contest.

Addressing a series of rallies in Karnataka and Kerala, Modi also tore into the claims of UPA about its flagship programme MNREGA, saying it had only "filled the pockets of Congress" and sought to debunk the much touted RTI.

"Corruption and loot seems to be in the DNA of Congress. Generations may change, the leader will change but Congress intention is unchanged," Modi told a rally at Mysore during his whirlwind tour of Congress-ruled Karnataka, where BJP is going all out to maximise its tally having won 19 of the 28 seats in the 2009 Lok Sabha polls.

Raising the pitch against Congress, he said, "People have made it a point to punish the Congress Party for looting and ruining the nation."

In his rally at Kasargod in Kerala bordering Karnataka, the BJP prime ministerial candidate targeted both Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) and the CPI(M) headed Left Democratic Front, saying both were engaged in a "friendly match".

"The UDF comes to power for five years after which the LDF forms the government. Both the Fronts are silent on each others wrongdoings and omissions", Modi said in the two-front dominated state, where BJP is hoping for an electoral breakthrough.

Describing Congress as a 'watermelon', he said while the LDF takes out red flags, Congress was like a watermelon -- green colour outside and red inside.

Kerala, which was a global hot spot for tourism, had been "converted into a nursery of terrorism," he charged.

Renewing his offensive against Defence Minister A K Antony, whom he had called a "Pakistani agent" earlier, he said the country's defence had suffered seriously during his stewardship and said he owed an explanation to the people for this.

"Indian defence forces have not acquired the best of equipment during this period" and Antony owed an explanation to the people for this, Modi said. "How will India's vast maritime coast line be protected?Who is responsible for this?" he said, rapping the Defence Minister who hails from Kerala.

Modi said when two Indian soldiers were beheaded, Antony had told Parliament that terrorists in Pakistan's Army uniform were responsible for it, a statement about which the Pakistan Army was happy but the Indian Army was not.

Raking up again the killing of two Indian fishermen off the Kerala coast by two Italian marines, the BJP leader wanted to know from Antony and Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy in which prison the duo were lodged. "I want to ask them in which jail the two Italians are lodged?'

Seeking to puncture claims of UPA government about its flagship programme MNREGA, he said in Koppal, "Madam Soniaji says we have eradicated poverty from villages. How did it happen?. (She says) We have brought NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act)...It only fills the pockets of Congress."

Picking on UPA's much touted RTI to attack Rahul Gandhi, Modi said, "Has the RTI given you (the people) something for your survival? The black money which has been stashed away, has it come back? In 2G scam, where crores of rupees have been gobbled up - has that booty come back?

"This Delhi government loots coal. Shehzade, please tell us who looted coal? People talk about looting of coal, but he (Rahul) says please take RTI. They (Congress) make fun of poor people. They don't want to free the country of corruption. Shouldn't the black money brought back to the country or not?, Modi said.

Labelling the UPA government as "weak", Modi said, "We do not want a weak government, but a strong government for which you must ensure that over 300 lotus bloom in the country."

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