Enchanting vignettes of Goa

Enchanting vignettes of Goa

Art exhibition

Goa, the sunny, balmy State of luxurious beaches, feni, music and a tourist’s delight has more to offer than its robust nightlife and food culture. 

The tiny State is also known for its other enchanting features – architecture and lifestyle. 
All this and more comes alive at the City’s well known Dhoomimal Gallery which on the occasion of 6th India Art Fair, has organised ‘Balcao’ – an exhibition of works by artists from Goa and 
selected works by F N Souza. 

These have been curated by Subodh Kelkar.

Balcao – the exhibition represents Portuguese influence on Goan culture and gives Delhiites an opportunity to feel and soak in Goan culture. 

Balcao literally means a balcony in Goa which is an important feature of the Indo-Portuguese houses there. 

It is like a porch attached to the main entrance of the house and is fitted with a few benches usually made of stone and cement. 

The balcao reflects the special bond between neighbours and social relations that are based on love, warmth and lots of affection. 
The balcao, being an essential feature of Goan homes, the artistes have put in all their creativity to enliven Goan history through their paintings and sculptures. 
Visually attractive and aesthetically engaging, the artworks enlighten and educate us about Goan religion, politics, lifestyle, attires, 
culture and more.
The smallest state in India, Goa is mainly known by its people, their clothes, their music, fashion and style, their religion, their free-spirited attitude and their unity. 
Although the Portuguese ruled the State for 450 years which has left a most visible influence, yet many facets of Goa’s original rich culture can be traced.

Known as a safe tourist destination, both domestic and international – Goa’s economy is totally dependent on its tourism. 

More than Goans, tourists are seen in majority all throughout the year. Enjoying a different culture altogether as compared to the metros, Goa has a charm on its own, easy going and relaxed. Eat, party and chill is the mantra! 

The roads are clean, no traffic, two-wheelers in abundance, this State surely gives a feeling of ‘not being a part of India’. 

So, to know more about the state, do visit the ongoing exhibition at Dhoomimal Gallery in Connaught Place, which is on till April 15.