'I am a very funny guy'

'I am a very funny guy'

Incredible journey

Reality turns on Ram Gopal Varma (RGV). He is also audacious enough to translate an 
idea into a movie. 

Nothing is impossible for RGV, who is known for his discipline and commitment to his craft — direction.

No wonder his production house continues to churn out film after film notwithstanding the number of flops among them. 
If he has a story to tell, he will, come what may.

RGV is now directing veteran Telugu actor Mohan Babu and his son Vishnu Manchu in his latest Telugu project Rowdy. 
‘Rowdies don’t always have to be bad people. I make it a point to study the psychological aspect of every act. Why do some people not fall in line to what is considered ‘right’ and ‘just’ by the so-called society? Why are people who rebel, branded as ‘rowdies’? There must be a logic to everything, isn’t it?” he asks. 
RGV says that he wishes to showcase a good rowdy in his latest film. Rowdy hit the screens across the country last weekend. 
“It may come across as another action film but it’s a thriller. It may have similarities with the movies that have already been made but there is something new in this film. You wouldn’t know who the real rowdy is until the end of the film,” says RGV.  
What was it like to work with Mohan Babu and Vishnu in the film? 
“Mohan is a thorough professional and he has a style of his own,” he says. 

About Vishnu, he says, “I’ve watched a lot of Vishnu’s films where he has played characters that are comical, romantic and entertaining but in reality, I was taken aback when I discovered that Vishnu is a serious guy.” 
RGV thinks that Vishnu fit into the character perfectly well. 
“There’s lots of action and Vishnu has done well to bring out the essence of the character. It’s been an incredible journey so far,” he says. 

RGV is always thought of as being a moody person but his movies say otherwise. “I am no moody person. In fact, I am a very funny guy,” he laughs. 
After Rowdy, RGV has a couple of projects lined up, “I’ve been working on Rowdy and once that is complete, I will have more stories to tell,” he signs off.