Modi calls for fulfilling Gandhi's dream

Modi calls for fulfilling Gandhi's dream

‘Mysore ‘ink’ should play a role in erasing the black marks on the nation’.

BJP’s star campaigner and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi called upon the people to vote for the party to fulfil Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of dissolving the Congress, immediately after Independence.

Delivering a speech during the Bharat Vijaya Rally, held at the Maharaja’s College Grounds, here — to seek votes in favour of BJP candidates from Mysore-Kodagu, Chamarajanagar and Mandya Lok Sabha constituencies — he said, Gandhi was of the feeling that the forum called ‘Congress’ was suitable for the freedom struggle, but not for governance.

“The Mahatma also feared that the politicians would cheat the people, by claiming that the Congress fought for freedom and so they should vote for it. However, a particular family did not agree.

 Apart from misusing his name, the family also misused his surname. If the politicians had agreed to dissolve the Congress, abiding by the Mahatma’s words, the nation would not have been in such a shambles,” he said.

Watchman and Sevak

Reacting to Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s comments that the nation needs not one watchman, but crores of watchmen, he asked if Rahul’s brother-in-law Robert Wadhra, who has figured in various scams, would be one among the watchmen.

“In Congress government, cats will be appointed to safeguard milk. But, if the BJP is voted to power, I will become a watchman to the tax payer’s money, the exchequer, for at least five years. Every single paise will be spent for the welfare of the people. I will undo the damage caused by the Congress over 60 years in just 60 months. You have been electing executives all these years. Give this ‘Sevak’ a chance,” he said.

Stating that the results have been announced even before the declaration of the elections, Modi said, people are fed up with the unending list of scams, involving ministers in the UPA government and they are in a mood to punish the Congress.

“People want not only change, but they want to put an end to the indiscriminate looting of the nation. When Rajiv Gandhi was the prime minister, he admitted that only 15 paise, out of every rupee released by the government, reaches the beneficiary. Till then, the Congress enjoyed monopoly and the BJP was not even visible.

 So, will the Sehzada (referring to Rahul Gandhi) be able to tell who misappropriated the money?” he asked.

Corruption in DNA

Stating that corruption was in the DNA of the Congress, he said, if the family (referring to the Nehru-Gandhi clan) had at least once thought about the people, who glorified the family, the nation would not have been in such bad shape.

“The nation does not need assurances. The people have seen a lot of it. Now, I have come determined to deliver. I have only one dream, that is ‘good governance’. Mysore supplies the ink to mark the dark spot on a voter’s finger nail. That dark spot should erase all the black marks on the nation, including corruption. This will be possible if the lotus, the BJP’s symbol, blooms in place of the dark spots on the nails (intending that one should vote for the BJP),” he said.

BJP candidates Prathap Simha, A R Krishnamurthy and B Shivalingaiah, former Speaker and MLA K G Bopaiah, former deputy chief minister and MLA R Ashoka, former ministers C T Ravi, M P Appachu Ranjan, S A Ramdas and Mahadevu, former MLA C Ramesh, BJP state unit vice-president Reena Prakash and others were present.