Some easy money to earn

Some easy money to earn


It’s summer time and students are doing everything they can to see that they keep themselves productively engaged during the vacation. 

While some go for internships, others sign up for short courses which serve as an added achievement along with their academics. 

There are also a bunch of youngsters who manage to juggle summer jobs amidst their rather tight schedule. 
Metrolife interacted with a few students who say making a few extra bucks during vacation not only guarantees them financial freedom but also gives them a sense of independence and confidence.
Prujeeth Joshua, third-year BA, Kristu Jayanti College, feels it’s good to take up a summer job. 

He states that it not only gives one financial independence but boosts one’s confidence as well. 

“I play for a band. You learn how to manage and value the money that you earn and you don’t have to burden your parents for money all the time. It makes you a more responsible person,” he says.    
Angela Priya, third-year BBM, Bangalore University, feels that it’s only after working while studying that she realised earning money also comes with the responsibility of handling it well. 

“I worked for an event management company. Summer jobs help you adapt to the job market and deal with people and their attitudes. It builds confidence and self-esteem. Today, I never walk out without money in hand,” she notes.
Uday Shankar,  first-year BCom, Oxford College of Management, did some online work for a survey company and thinks that there are plenty of summer job options online as well.

“I find that youngsters like us don’t really like to go out and sweat it out. We always like to earn money the easy way and online jobs are the best way for that,” he reasons. 
Jayvir, first-year BCom, Oxford College of Management, thinks that summer jobs provide good experience and give you that much-needed exposure of the job scene. 
“It’s only when you earn that you realise that nothing comes easy and only hard work pays. Youngsters tend to take money from their parents and spend it the way they like but it pinches to burn the money you earn,” he notes.
Vipul Singh,  first-year BCom, Oxford College of Management, confesses that he started taking up summer jobs after his 12th grade. 

“Just after my class 12, I remember working for a promotional activity for a company. I earned Rs 3,000 to 4,000 at the end of it. I bought myself a cellphone with that money. Honestly, it felt good to buy something with your own hard-earned money,” he shares.


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