BJP using black money: Cong

BJP using black money: Cong

The Congress on Wednesday accused Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi of using “black money” in publicity blitzkreing.

“I have never seen this kind of media blitzkrieg. Rs 10,000 crore is the publicity campaign budget of the BJP and Modi. Ninety per cent of this budget is black money, according to informed sources,” party spokesman and Union Minister Anand Sharma told reporters here.
Charging Modi and his party with “double speak”, Sharma said it was bizarre that the Gujarat Chief Minister was promising he would unearth black money if he becomes the prime minister.

“We have to take Modi seriously now for his claim that he was capable of unearthing black money. This is an advance demonstration of not only his capability to unearth black money but to use it. People of India need to be told about it in proper perspective from where this money is coming from,” he added.

The Congress leader, however, evaded a direct reply when asked about the expenditure being incurred by his party on publicity.

“The All India Congress Committee Treasurer Motilal Vora would be able to explain the expenses that the Congress is making for its publicity campaign,” he said. Sharma also raked up an alleged scandal in Gujarat over award of contract to a “dubious” company by the state government for exploration of oil and gas at Krishna-Godavari basin.

Modi government had allegedly inked a deal with GeoGlobal, a company incorporated in Caribbean island of Barbados with a capital of just USD 64, in 2003 even as it did not pay a single cent for its stake in a expansive gas field at basin that the state government had won in a bidding.

An Indian company Jubiliant Enpro Private Limited was also partner in the deal.