Trying to flee, Kejri's attacker bit cop's hand

Trying to flee, Kejri's attacker bit cop's hand

The auto-rickshaw driver who slapped former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal during a roadshow on Tuesday, had attempted to escape from Sultanpuri police station by digging his teeth into a sub-inspector’s arm, sources have revealed.


However, he was caught by another policeman just as he emerged from the station building.

Lali had been rescued by police from the thrashing he was meted out by Aam Aadmi Party supporters immediately after he slapped Kejriwal at north-west Delhi’s Sultanpuri. 

He was first taken to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital where he was treated for his injuries. The source said that on the way he kept requesting the policemen escorting him to let him go home. 

“He was telling the police that he had done only what his heart told him to and that he felt he did no wrong. He kept on requesting them to release him all through in the police jeep,” said the source.

He was brought to the police station and was being questioned about the slapping incident when he attempted to escape. 

“He bit the hand of a sub-inspector present there and made a dash for the doors. Police were shocked at such a reaction from a man who was thrashed badly just sometime ago,” the source said.

But an alert constable managed to apprehend him just as he emerged from the police station building. He was taken back for questioning and the source claimed he made no more attempts after that. 

Police chose to ignore the incident and did not file a case in this regard.

Police at Sultanpuri station have filed an FIR against Lali in connection with the attack. Lali was brought back to the police station on Wednesday for questioning after being allowed to go home late on Tuesday night.

Police said he was only detained and not arrested after the attack. 

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