Bonding with brands

Bonding with brands

Costly Comfort

Bonding with brands

Youngsters are careful about what they wear.

You are what you wear’... the young swear by this. A youngster’s obsession with brands is evident in  the way he or she splurges and indulges in owning the costliest of brands. It’s stylish, fashionable and of course, it says a great deal about what you are, who you are and where you are from.

It’s a matter of prestige for these young people to wear the right kind of brand and to be able to rub shoulders with the ‘elite’ group. Because, for them, acceptance is an important factor. Levis, Reebok, Pepe... are just some of the brands that are a rage among the young.

Shriranga, an employee with SPAN, loves Reebok. He owns jerseys, shoes and has picked up other interesting stuff from there.

“I have virtually bonded with the brand. I am comfortable wearing a Reebok jersey,” he says.

“Other than this, it is a prestigious thing to be seen in branded clothes among your friends,” he adds.

Hemanth, an engineering student of RV College of Engineering, has taken to branded stuff only because its styles, cuts and designs are in keeping with his taste. “I buy a Levis for its perfect fitting. It gives me a sense of confidence. My branded shirts looks just as new even after a year,” he exclaims. Hemanth scouts for his favourite brand and makes sure he wears only branded stuff, be it his clothes, shoes, bags or other accessories.

Nishita, a student of PES College, says that she has an inclination towards branded clothes because it lasts longer.

“I want my peers to know that I am no less fashionable. These clothes neeHarshad minimum maintenance,” she says and adds, “most of the things in my make-up kit are also branded. I am sure any product that is not branded would have side effects. I may have to pay more but I don’t mind that. I also recommend to my friends do the same.”

Comfort comes before brands for Harsha, an MBA student at RICM. He says, “I wear what I am comfortable in and those clothes that make me feel good. I am not a brand loyalist and my tastes for clothes, keep changing according to the changing trends. I think the aura around brands have been created with all the hype and advertisements on television.”