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Sandalwood is set to shimmer, with Meena deciding to flash her lovely smile again on the screens for Hendtheera Darbar.

The South Indian star, who everyone thought had taken a break or worse even quit acting after she got married, has sprung a surprise with her decision. “I was holidaying and was taking time off to enjoy every bit of my family life before I returned to acting,” Meena told Metrolife. “Yes, I am doing a Kannada movie after a long time and I am thrilled to return to an industry that has its own identity and we’re seeing newer, unexplored themes being experimented upon in Kannada movies,” she says.

In this rather realistic movie, Hendtheera Darbar, where she is cast opposite Ramesh Aravind, Meena plays a middle class wife, who exorcises every problem that comes her way. “It portrays the mental and emotional strength of a woman,” she says.

Meena has simultaneously agreed to do a Tamil movie Thampi Kottai where she plays a sister. “It’s pegged on siblings relationships and rivalry too in certain instances,” she says. Meena says she has always been finicky and choosy as an actress. She particularly enjoys essaying roles that portray women in good light. “Women-oriented subjects, one that’s similar to Devdas or even Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, which is both lighted-hearted and wields clout, interest me,” she reasons. But one has seen Meena in films that’s steeped in family drama and she’s best known for her romantic roles. “Those two roles are ones that come very easily to me. But I can get under the skin of any character I am asked to do. Action and fight sequences are something that I am not comfortable with,” she observes.

Has marriage changed her life in anyway especially since she has married someone outside the film industry? “Oh no! I am getting into the groove. It’s great.” Meena says understanding and compatibility are two ingredients that go to make a relationship near perfect. “I always wanted to marry someone who loves me for who I am and not what I am,” she says.

Meena is all for remakes and thinks that it will not only popularise a cinema but help people from other linguistic backgrounds watch the same movie.

Talking about Bangalore, Meena says there was a time when the air was fresh and you could walk on near traffic free roads but today the City has become just as crowded and polluted as any other metropolis in the country and that makes her sad.