Go easy on chunky jewellery this summer

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Last Updated 10 April 2014, 15:35 IST
The spring summer collections have rolled out in the markets, and the soothing turquoise blue and beige with dainty motifs of birds and flowers capture the pulse of the season.
While you strut out in these breezy attires, what should you complement your dress with? 
Accessorising in summers is something not everybody looks forward to, as when the temperatures soar high, the jewellery we wear interacts with our sweat, usually harming either the jewellery or our skin. So, what is the best way to accessorise in summer? 

“Just like clothes, ideal jewellery for summers should be light, with minimum weight. Also, to match the lightweight and light coloured fabrics that one wears in summers, jewellery designs should also be on the minimal side and not too intricate and elaborate, unless worn in the evening for a formal occasion.

Gold is among the safest metal to wear as it does not react 95 per cent of the time. It is very rare that gold jewellery causes any reaction, redness or allergies”, says Gunjan Soni, managing director, M.B. Jewelers & Sons.
 “Some jewellery companies carry specially treated hypo-allergenic jewellery for people with sensitive skins,” adds Prakshi Sharma from RK Jewellers.
“It’s summers, so why overburden yourself with heavy jewellery”, exclaims jewellery designer Alpana Gujral adding, “During the summer season, cleavage chains and bangles are recommended. Keep it light and simple, as less is good in this season.” 
To the list of the trendy and light summer wear, Prakshi recommends, “Pearls are something one should go for! Thin necklaces, rather than big thick chokers and loose, thin bracelets that don’t cling to your arms are more comfortable.”

To keep your jewellery safe, the jewellers unanimously advise, “After wearing your fine jewellery, wipe it down with a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth. This will enhance the jewellery’s lustre and keep your pieces in a fabric-lined jewellery case or in 
a box with compartments to prevent them from scratching each other.” 

For sensitive skins, Alpana categorically mentions, “When buying jewellery, look for pieces that are either nickel-free or hypo-allergenic. Jewellery made from other metal like surgical stainless steel or titanium is a good option for people with skin sensitivities and allergies.”  

(Published 10 April 2014, 15:35 IST)

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