Professional pride

Professional pride

On my 20th year of work anniversary, looking back at the years passed, I had a sense of satisfaction. 

I thanked my strong support system, at home. Also there was a sense of guilt deep within me that I had not spent enough time with family.

When my 15-year old son was down with dengue fever, and I had to leave him alone at home, because of important work at office, that’s when I decided to hang my laptop. And give my 200 per cent of time to family... 
Things looked pretty cool for couple of months, because everybody enjoyed my stay at home. Trouble started when my maid (my right hand) started disobeying. I asked her what’s the matter? 
She replied: “I used to proudly tell my friends, that my Madam (me) works at software office, and has assured help for my daughter’s education and marriage. 
But now you are not working, I have become a laughing stock among my friends.” I told her she shouldn’t be worried about my promises and moved on.
Then my car driver started bombarding me with the same question every day, “When will you join work again?” 

Fed up with his queries, I asked him what his problem was, and he said driving to IT park gave him a lot of dignity. Well what can I say!
It was my kids turn. I was filling my daughter’s student information form, she came running to me and said, “Under mother’s occupation column, don’t write – house wife.” I asked her, “But why?” |

“Last year you had written ‘Director,’” She said. “But that’s last year,” I replied. My daughter quickly said, “I had shown that form to my friends, so I don’t want any change now.”
In the evening I was watching KBC quiz with kids, and felt good as my sense of guilt had disappeared. I answered one of the quiz question, for which kids had no clue. 
Suddenly my son asked, “How do you know, you are at home?” Well I just didn’t bother about his comments.

Finally icing on the cake came from my mother and husband. My mother stopped going to her ‘Mahila Mandali’.
Since she couldn’t handle Mahila Mani’s debate on my decision to leave lucrative job and stay at home. 

And my husband’s comment on my BMI (because of staying at home factor), didn’t go well with me.

Whenever I called my neighbors, relatives and friends, they started asking me whether I get bored at home, quoting, “Idle mind is devil’s work shop.” 
I started wondering whether I have become extra sensitive or people are crazy. 

I wanted to make it loud and clear that I am “ok” at home and that I have only resigned the job but am up-to-date with technology and current affairs.

My job gave me everything I wanted but I didn’t know that it gave dignity and pride to many others.

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