Art meets fashion

Art meets fashion

If you like loud colours and are a fan of unconventional art, kitsch may just be the thing for you. The hues and "artsy" nature of this style has made it a hit even in apparels, observes Ankita Sengupta.

Conventional is boring because kitsch is the new way to go. From hippie sadhus sporting an electric guitar to portraits of gods and goddesses that are used in calendars, kitsch can give almost anything a unique twist.

Do not be surprised if you come across a t-shirt with Bob Marley playing a sitar in a wildly colourful background.

"Art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way" - kitsch, as defined by The Oxford English Dictionary. Merriam-Webster too defines kitsch as, "things (such as movies or works of art) that are of low quality and that many people find amusing and enjoyable".

However, kitsch has moved away from being designs of low quality. Not only are they considered to be “works of art” now, they have taken a plunge into the world of fashion as well.

Creativity is one of the most important factors as far is kitsch is concerned. What kitsch stands for today is the depiction of contemporary art on unconventional canvases. Not only are ideas from different cultures and genres combined in this style, the materials used for creating these products, too, are varied.

Discarded bottles of beer, umbrellas, pebbles, earthenware, almost anything can be a canvas for kitsch. Taking something absolutely ordinary, for example, an old dented kettle and turning it into a canvas for a poster of Sholay, is how creative one can get with kitsch.

If you like loud colours and are a fan of unconventional art, kitsch may just be the thing for you. The colours and "artsy" nature of this style has made it a hit even in apparels.

Most of the kitsch items are handmade so they add to the uniqueness of these products. If you are sporting a particular kitsch product, the chances of someone else sporting an identical one is almost nil. This is, perhaps, why it is so popular among the youth, with both the sexes.


Since being stylish is increasingly becoming eco-friendly, kitsch can be considered a
major player in this field. Edgy, fashionable and environment-friendly, using kitsch products can make one feel good about the products and working towards a less-polluted environment.

Discarded materials like beer bottles, mineral water bottles, old tyres, almost any waste material can be upcycled and turned into this work of art.


Kitsch is not like other fashion trends that come and are soon mowed down by fresher trends. It has stood the test of time. The "excessive garishness", for which kitsch was looked down upon, has become one of the very reasons why it is in favour now.

Also, you don’t have to be a college-going-teenager or an experimental fashionista to adopt kitsch.

If you like colours and if you think that the style matches your personality, then go ahead and try being "kitschy".


How many times have you bought a ridiculously expensive outfit or an
accessory and then come across some one else sporting it? With kitsch, you can escape disappointments of this sort.

Since kitsch products are mostly handmade, chances of two products looking exactly the same is close to zero. So you can buy and flaunt these products without worrying about someone else carrying its twin around.

Your kitsch product can end up being exclusively yours. Not to mention the fact that a single article of kitsch can bring in more character in any look.

Variety to pick from

From home decor, accessories, to apparels, there is a great range of products to choose from in kitsch. If you find flaunting a kitsch outfit a little loud, you can start with something smaller like an umbrella, a clutch or a casual jhola.

Also, if you want to bring a little quirkiness into your home decor, there is a wide variety of innovative kitsch pieces that can brighten up your home and bring in an element of colour and fun.

Easy on the pocket

Unlike most fashion brands, buying kitsch will not drain your pocket. In addition to being creative and attractive, these unconventional creative pieces are pocket-friendly, too.

With the combination of art meeting fashion and most of the work being done by hand, the general assumption can be that kitsch is an expensive affair.

However, thanks to the materials used and the very character of the art, it remains an affordable means of acquiring a work of contemporary art as a fashion piece!

Style tips

Go with one kitsch product at a time in an outfit. Using two or more such
articles will take the appeal away from your look.

Stick to solid colours for pairing with a kitsch print in an outfit or even home decor products. Or else, it could end up looking messy.

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