'Why should Sonakshi rally for me?'

'Why should Sonakshi rally for me?'

'Why should Sonakshi rally for me?'

Shatrughan Sinha is sweating it out in the hot and humid summer. While campaigning in Fatuha and Bakhtiyarpur, the actor-turned-Patna Sahib MP talks to Abhay Kumar of Deccan Herald. Sinha says a canard has been spread against him that he never visits his constituency, which is also his birthplace.

Deccan Herald: More than you, it’s your wife Poonam Sinha who is making a door-
to-door campaign on your behalf.
Shatrughan Sinha: Like every bold and dutiful wife, Poonam has been working very hard. So is my son Luv. And, of course, other party workers, too.

DH: But there is a common grievance that you are a non-resident MP, who remains
inaccessible to the common man.
SS: Wrong. You can cross-check the records from Patna airport, Kadamkuan police station or my office about how many times I visit Patna. These are canards being spread by enemy within (a section within the BJP).

DH: But why should people vote for you?
SS: … precisely because I have a clean image. There is not even an iota of any allegation against me regarding my personal, professional or political life.

DH: But many leaders within the Bharatiya Janata Party perceive you as an Advani loyalist.
SS: Khamosh! At present, I am fighting this battle only for my action hero Narendra Modi.

DH: Who is your main rival here? The Congress nominee Kunal or AAP candidate Parveen Amanullah or the JD(U) nominee Gopal Sinha?
SS: Kunal says it’s a battle between a prince and a pauper. He calls me a prince, although he, too, has worked in over 100 Bhojpuri films. Parveen is a cultured woman. While Gopal is a brilliant doctor. The best part in this constituency is that no one is using derogatory language against each other, a lesson for others.

DH: Finally, since polling in Patna Sahib is slated for April 17, any probability of Sonakshi Sinha campaigning for you.
SS: Why should she? The crowds may go berserk on her arrival. As a daughter, she is
always welcome here, but not for campaigning. Besides, I may not have any “pad” (post) today, but I have the “kad” (stature) that I can take care of myself.