Ramya responds on Twitter to Ambarish's advice

Ramya responds on Twitter to Ambarish's advice

Ramya responds on Twitter to Ambarish's advice

Film star and Mandya candidate for Congress, Ramya, has used the platform of Twitter to respond to Congressman M H Ambarish, who took potshots at her on Friday by suggesting that social networking sites will not work for connecting with Mandya voters.

In one of her tweets, Ramya has said, “My vision for Mandya is to make sure that people have access to the Internet in every village. Also, for a computer centre to exist in every village where people can connect with me on Twitter.” In another tweet, she said, “Day 25 begins on a lighter note. Headed to Mandya now to meet people, something I’ve been doing for the last nine months.”

Further, responding to people on Twitter, she said that while in Delhi, she has sometimes used Skype to connect with people who visited her office in Mandya. 

She tweeted: ‘For all those who are on social media, I connect here, for those who aren’t I’m sunburnt,’ indicating that she had been travelling to all the villages in the constituency.

To round off, Ramya has said in a tweet: “The future belongs to technology. If you’re not in it, you will be left out. I don’t want my people to be left out.”

Ambarish had remarked against Ramya, stating that use of Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp will not prove useful in connecting with Mandya voters, and that the social networking sites were not meant for Mandya constituency.

Addressing a press meet in Mandya, Amabarish reiterated his statement that though social networking was necessary, it would not work in Mandya. Ramya, who also arrived at the press meet, said that she was making ample use of technology, while actively campaigning by visiting villages as suggested by Ambarish.

The actor-minister said that he had not instructed his supporters to work against Ramya. “If I had said so, I am ready to die in Sanjay Circle of Mandya.  If I was opposed to her, I woud not have come here,” he said. 

It is my duty to ensure her victory, Ambarish said, adding that Ramya needs to mature in politics and that there was not much responsibility on her. He said his ‘rebirth’ had helped him see scores of his supporters during the party’s rally.