I am cautiously optimistic: Supriya Sule

I am cautiously optimistic: Supriya Sule

I am cautiously optimistic: Supriya Sule

Supriya Sule, sitting MP of Baramati and daughter of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar, is contesting from the family stronghold again. Sule, who did her graduation in California, spoke to B S Arun of Deccan Herald about her campaign, constituency and the party.

Deccan Herald: People at Baramati say issue this time is not about who wins but about your margin.

Supriya Sule: Only time will tell.

DH: You seem to be cautious, while your opponents say they are heading for easy victory.

SS: I am cautiously optimistic. I am not overconfident. I am leaving it to the voters. I have worked to the best of my ability. I won’t leave anything to chance. That’s how I am.

I am trying my best to help the people of my constituency. Job and wealth creation is very important. If 100 people come to me, 90 want jobs. Give quality education and that’s the biggest equaliser.  That’s what we are doing in Baramati. We support a lot of educational institutions. We have nine ITIs and all are ISO-1000 certified.

DH: How is the co-ordination between NCP and Congress? There are reports that there is lack of cohesion in several constituencies.

SS: Co-ordination is indeed good. I have not seen this kind of effective co-ordination earlier in our 15 years of association.

DH: The alliance won 25 out of 48 seats in the state. With BJP on the perceived rise, what will be the Congress-NCP score this time? The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena polled over 1 lakh votes in each constituency it contested last time which resulted in your alliance winning those seats.

SS: I don’t know about MNS. I don’t want to talk about figures. All I can say is that we will do well this time too.

DH: Your father and some others in the Congress are on record saying that the BJP will emerge as the single largest party.

 SS: I won’t say UPA is going to be No 1 or something like that. But it won’t be as bad as our opponents make it out to be. India is not ready to be swept by one leader. Today, the situation is different. I won’t buy jewellery just because Amitabh Bachchan endorses it. I am not convinced that ad campaigns will bring the BJP to power.

DH: The state will see elections in October. How will the alliance fare?

SS: After three terms, there will naturally be some anti-incumbency. We as an alliance are working hard. We are reaching out to everyone. Stable government is what is needed.

DH: Will there be any post-poll realignment? Will NCP remain in the UPA?

SS: I don’t see any post-poll realignment. At least not at this moment.

DH: Will Supriya Sule be the future face of the NCP?

SS: Our party is gifted with talented and hard-working  people. I will be one of the many faces.

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