'Fiction can get boring and monotonous'

'Fiction can get boring and monotonous'

Celebrity couple Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu, both popular and successful actors in their own right, are a part of this season of Khatron Ke Khiladi. They were asked to take part in the show soon after the successful run of their Punjabi film, Love Yoou Soniye. They took some time off to share their experiences with Metrolife.

Participating on the show impacted both Teejay and Karanvir in different ways. Teejay says her stint on the show made her realise that she is stronger than she thought. “I didn’t think I would last beyond a few weeks on the show but I made it all the way to the finale because I never let myself give up or give in. I am a fighter and find challenges irresistible to pass,” she says.

Karanvir thinks that the show taught him that one should always have a game plan. “No matter what you attempt to do in life, have some idea of how you are going to accomplish that goal. I sometimes tend to be a little too spontaneous but not anymore,” he adds.

The show is designed to test the participant’s mental, physical and emotional endurance level. And most of them who are a part of the show say that they always end up discovering a side of them that they didn’t know existed.

Teejay reasons, “The show has made me stronger. During the show, when I was hanging upside down from a rope, I knew that the physical strength would come from a space that I didn’t even know existed and that I would be able to save myself. Mentally, I’m stronger because I’ve learnt that fear is all in the mind.”

Karanvir pitches in, “We are never exposed to these kinds of activities or challenges in our everyday life. These are extreme situations and now that I’ve faced and overcome them, I can face anything.”

The couple has together and individually judged and taken part in many reality shows and believes that these reality shows have become an indispensable part of television viewing. Teejay thinks people are interested in seeing how a person is in real life.

“There’s a sense of voyeurism that we have, we love peeping into other people's lives. We love watching reality television because we know they are for real. In this show, when people cried, they really cried. When they had warm moments with other khiladis, they really shared that genuine warmth with each other.” Karanvir says, “Fiction can get boring and monotonous sometimes. Reality shows are more relatable for people than scripted shows.”

Teejay and Karanvir too had their share of tough moments on the show. Teejay recalls, “Since Karanvir and I were both on the show, the pressure on us was double. My toughest moment was watching him do one of the underwater stunts. It was very dangerous.

Karanvir is a very strong swimmer but I was really nervous watching him do it.” Karanvir agrees when he sums up, “For me, it was also that same underwater stunt. I imagined what it must feel like for someone who is about to drown and die — when you are desperate for that last breath of air but can’t get it. It made me appreciate being alive.”