People's Problems

People's Problems

Erratic bus services

For the last several weeks especially on Saturdays, the bus services from Shivajinagar to Malleswaram/Rajajinagar were very erratic between 12.30 pm to 2 pm. Only one bus is plying on this route during this time and it is overcrowded at the starting point itself. 

Large number of commuters including students who want to catch the bus at Indian Express,  C College and Shivananda have to wait for hours and are virtually at the mercy of BMTC. 

The lethargic attitude of the BMTC is really condemnable. The BMTC should wake up from the slumber and solve this problem by plying more buses on this route during afternoon especially on Saturdays.

Madhava Rao

Prevent parking on footpath in Indiranagar

I am a senior citizen resident in the heart of so called Residential area of Double Road Indiranagar, Bangalore. I have seen this locality grow in the last 25 years but the sad part is that the development has never taken into account the discomfort and miseries of citizens residing here. In the last few years many offices and restaurants have sprung up in bylanes and busy roads causing traffic chaos but most importantly these business establishments use the footpath for car park.

There is no place for people to walk or use the footpath as it is being used by these hotels for parking their customers’ vehicles. The gradients created for using the footpath are so steep that it is impossible for people to walk on the side walk without a fall. This double road is the main connecting road from bus stop to the ESI hospital where the poorest of the poor and sick people come for treatment. 

I tried my best to bring the matter to the notice of BBMP, but they have turned a blind eye for whatever reasons and  passed the buck to traffic Police. Initially Traffic Police did their job but soon their actions fizzled out. Now, it’s back to square one with vehicles parked on footpaths.

A senior citizen

Rationalise bus schedule

More than one bus ply on the same route, one behind the other, many a times. this reflects the  poor planning on the part of the authorities concerned. 

The result is that the commuters are put into great problems as they have to wait long for the buses to arrive. Rational planning is the need of the hour for public transport.


Prepaid auto stand required

A prepaid auto stand is required near KR Puram railway station to prevent exploitation of commuters by the auto drivers. Hope the authorities concerned will take immediate step.

Kottakkal Krishnan, Udayanagar 

Ply more buses

The residents of NRI Layout request the BMTC to ply more buses from  NRI Layout to Kempegowda bus stand via Ulsoor. Route number 315DJ, which is now operating, plies only four trips which is insufficient to meet the demand. 

The layout is more than a kilometre interior interior and there are no buses except 315DJ. 

The BMTC is requested to ply an additional bus from NRI layout to Shivajinagar via Banaswadi or divert Kalkere buses inside NRI Layout double road.


Replace sanitary lines

The Munireddypalya Main Road has been dug for construction of a concrete road. The sanitary lines here are old and the main pipelines clog often. 

They were expected to be changed, but till now this has not been done. The authorities concerned are requested to change the pipelines as they get blocked frequently. The road cannot be dug frequently after laying of concrete.

A resident

Repair streetlights

There is an urgent need to repair streetlights on 100 feet ring road passing through the Nagarbhavi BDA Complex. 

Several heavy vehicles including BMTC buses pass through this busy junction at night. It has thus become nightmare for residents and motorists on this road due to poor lighting. 

The authorities concerned are requested to repair the streetlights at the earliest.Varun Dambal, 

Nagarabhavi Second Phase

LBS Nagar roads in bad condition

All the roads in LB Shastri Nagar (off old airport road) are in pathetic condition. This is one area where the roads are so poor that pizza delivery and other home delivery boys are refusing to deliver. The area has not been developed for years together while the residents have been paying taxes regularly to the civic authorities. 


Garbage on streets

Garbage is not cleared at regular intervals in Kacharakanahalli. Pourakarmikas do not turn up to remove garbage in this  locality. The residents of nearby locality also throw garbage on the road worsening the problem. Hope the BBMP will take necessary action.

Padmavathi, Kacharakanahalli

Divert buses to Ramachandrapura

It is happy to note that the Main Road of Ramachandrapura (RC Pura) which connects Vidyaranyapura Main Road, has completely been tarred and the buses can run smoothly on the said road. Hence, it is requested that the BMTC bus No. 269B, which operates between Majestic and Vidyaranyapura via Ramachandrapura, could be diverted on this route now. 

In fact, for the last two  years, this bus 269B has been reaching Vidyaranyapura via BEL Circle and Doddabommasandra without coming to Ramachandrapura due to bad road. Now that the road has been restored, directions may please be given to ply route 269B Ramachandrapura since there is only one bus operating from Ramachandrapura to Majestic, i.e. 269. 

Dr Ramaraja Urs, Ramachandrapura

Garbage not cleared

The residents of Sheshappa Colony, 6th Cross, Vijinapura Dooravaninagar, have been facing garbage menace for the last one month due to negligence of BBMP authorities. 

Mounds of stinking garbage remain uncleared for days posing a health hazard. The residents are falling sick repeatedly. Will the authorities concerned take steps to clear the garbage regularly? Hope the officials concerned will look into the problem immediately.

Md Basheeruddin Inamdar

Civic woes galore in Tejaswini Nagar

More than 1,000 families reside at Tejaswini Nagar off Doddakammanahlli Road. 

This area is totally neglected by civic authorities. There are no streetlights and the roads are not asphalted. Drain water overflows on road. Debris and garbage are dumped on road sides and they remain uncleared.

Due to bad condition of Doddakammanhalli road, auto drivers demand huge amount to enter Tejaswini Nagar. Request BBMP, RTO to take remedial steps.

P R Balakrishna, Tejaswini Nagar