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In Conversation

In Conversation

M Srinivas , MLA Rajarajeshwari Nagar constituencyWhy is water crisis so grave in many areas of your constituency?

At least three areas of our constituency are facing acute water problem. They are Yeshwanthpur, parts Mattikere and Laggere. The primary reason is that we do not have reserve tanks in all these three locations.

We are now laying thick pipelines and digging more borewells to supply water. The problem is that the people living in low lying areas do not let the water flow towards the upper catchment areas unless their sumps are filled. By the time their sumps are filled the timing to supply water comes to an end. This is how the upper catchment areas remain empty on many a occasions. Singhapur Layout is facing this problem for the last thirty years.

 We are trying to solve the crisis by constructing water tanks at Jalahalli and Mattikere and are digging 15 new borewells at Laggere and Lakshminagar. In the next six months we intend to solve the problem.

Many localities of your constituency still have with mud roads. What is your take on that?

My constituency has a large number of revenue layouts and people lived there without roads, sanitary lines, water lines, and streetlight. The scene remained the same for decades but this is for the first time that so much of money has been released for the development of Bangalore. In the next six months all revenue layouts will have good roads, sanitary lines, enough drinking water and street lights.

Any remarkable achievements in the last one-and-half years you would like to share with the people?

We are constructing 960 houses for the urban poor with a budget of Rs 23 crore. Under this scheme old houses will be demolished and new ones would be constructed. Besides it, around 350 people who are losing houses to the Metro Rail project would be given Rs 7 lakh each at Laggere and Siddharthanagar.

 We are developing JP Park with unique features. We are bringing a musical fountain, international level swimming pool and undertaking the beautification of the tank bed inside the park. We are also focusing on tree plantation in our area.