Single accessory to enhance the look

Single accessory to enhance the look

Gone are the days when people used to complete their look with lots of accessories and jewellery. Now, the trend is to wear just one noticeable accessory with the outfit and make a statement.

Most youngsters agree that wearing too many accessories is absolutely ‘out of fashion’ now. Shruthi Iyengar, a college student, says that she has a craze for bracelets and bangles and most of the time, she shops for these.

“Chunky designs in bangles and wristbands or bracelets are the ‘in thing’ now. Be it a casual or classy outfit, there are different metals and colours to choose from. For example, when I’m wearing a yellow outfit, I would enhance the look with a blue-green bracelet,” says Shruthi.

 Shruthi vouches that contrast is the way to go now and one junk item is definitely the rule of the day. Many like Srishti Jain, a finance analyst, feel that most people do
the mistake of mixing and matching different styles in earrings.

“One accessory that can highlight any look is a pair of good eye-catching earrings. A huge dangler or chandelier earrings with a classic outfit like the sari is definitely going to win attention. When sporting a ponytail, a nice prominent stud will also do wonders for your look,” she says.

She adds that when wearing a noticeable earring, she avoids a neckpiece as she prefers the ‘classy’ look.

Designer Tina Sareen says that ‘one focal point’ is the best way to go when making style statements. “Instead of sporting a parade of things, it’s always best to have one designer element that will made heads turn. A neck piece that compliments the outfit is one of the best ways to make yourself stand out.

I would compliment vintage pearls with simple-cut dresses,” she says.

Tina adds that when one looks at a person, accessories around the face add to the whole look. Men are as conscious as women about not overdoing their look. Krishna, who’s a model, says that his style statement is wearing a stylish and different pendant.
“I’m a big fan of lockets and sport them with plain tees or outfits as it would look overcrowded with a printed attire. Any pendant with a scorpio or a nameplate is sure to grab attention and addappeal to the overall look,” says Krishna.

He adds that though he doesn’t look out for anything huge or chunky, he shops for pendants which are ‘irregular’.  Other accessories men splurge for are shoes and belts.

“I’ve been wearing radium belts nowadays. They change colour according to the time of the day and help in enhancing your look especially at night. During the day, the belt looks like any normal belt. I’ve been mixing and matching this with formal trousers as well as dark jeans,” says Paddu Gowda, a young artiste.

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