Raise voice against inequality, says Udupi DC

Raise voice against inequality, says Udupi DC

Raise voice against inequality, says Udupi DC

Deputy Commissioner Muddu Mohan has said that discrimination in the name of caste, creed and practice of untouchability which is continuing even today is  highly disgraceful to the civilised society.

Speaking at the 123rd birth anniversary celebrations of B R Ambedkar here on Monday, the DC said that the world is moving towards progress, however certain issues that malign the health of the society continue to be practiced. 

“Ambedkar had always believed in the concept of egalitarianism. Raising voice against the social evils such as untouchability, is the true respect paid to the great soul. Caste disparity and inequality are dreadful evil practices that have segregated the society. The principles laid down by Ambedkar should be practiced.”

The DC said that the society could be changed with social equality and secular feelings. “All of us should remember that the earth belongs to all and all have the right to live with dignity,” he added.

He called upon the people to concentrate on development paradigm. Delivering the keynote address, academician Jayaprakash Shetty said that Ambedkar always focused on moral values and education for rational thinking. 

“Commemorating the birth anniversary of Ambedkar should not be restricted to floral tribute to the portrait alone. The celebrations should result in value based revolution in the name of equality.

He had opposed the oppression of the lower class by the priestly class. People should raise their voice against injustice committed in the name of discrimination.Stating that Ambedkar proposed to  eliminate caste and class system, the academician said that there was need for a  revolution to uphold the values preached and practiced by Ambedkar.

The disparity and untouchability is practiced even today wherein Dalits are not allowed to use public wells. 

Komu Sauhrada Vedike and Karnataka State Dalit Sangharsha Samithi too organised a programme to mark birth anniversary celebrations. Komu Sauharda Vedike State President Ashok said that attempts have been made to ruin the legacy of Ambedkar. 

“Reservation did not bring much changes in the lives of Dalits. They continue to live in hardship.  He said the democratic set up and electioneering should be designed in such a way, that it promotes and proposes equality. Activist Athradi Amritha also spoke.