Arkavathy Layout allottees see no end to their woes

Arkavathy Layout allottees see no end to their woes

Arkavathy Layout allottees see no end to their woes

Allottees who were given alternative sites in the “jinxed” Arkavathy Layout are an unhappy lot. For, the alternative sites lack proper facilities.

They rue that even the Lok Adalat, organised by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) on April 9 and 10, to address their problems, has not helped either.

Most want their chosen alloted site when the layout was formed. According to them, the new sites do not meet their expectations. Most of them are senior citizens whose idea of taking the site was to enjoy a relaxed life with adequate facilities.

The BDA has sent 3,000 site intimation letters offering alternative sites. But the sites of 53 State government employees have not been changed.

Murthy, who was offered an alternative site, said that it did not have proper approach road.At the Lok Adalat, officials simply instructed those provided alternative sites to return the original papers and pay Rs 100 as processing fee.

Krishnan, facing a similar issue, said the BDA should have prepared a site map and once everything was in place, allotted the sites. He also stressed the need for clarity in the re-allotment process, besides being provided valid reason for the same. The buyer, he said, should have the choice, not the seller.

BDA Commissioner T Sham Bhatt is also sailing in the same boat. He was allotted a 40x60 feet site in Jakkur VII Block, along with 52 other State government officials in 2004. Bhatt said: “I tried to change my site but was unable to because it is not possible now.”