Vote as an Indian, not as Muslim: Ajmer Dargah Dewan

Vote as an Indian, not as Muslim: Ajmer Dargah Dewan

Vote as an Indian, not as Muslim: Ajmer Dargah Dewan

Religious head of Ajmer dargah Saiyad Zainul Abedin Ali Khan today called upon the people to vote fearlessly and without communal fanaticism to strengthen the democracy


Without naming anyone, he asked the people to beware of such political and religious leaders who have made speeches to give the elections a communal colour.

"Political parties are frightening Muslims in the name of a particular person and creating an environment in the country for the polarisation of Muslim voters in their favour, but vote for such a political party with your own wisdom whose policies and performance are in the interest of the nation," he appealed to voters.

"Support a party in which the Muslim sees secure future," Khan said in a statement. He said that "voting on the ground of religion makes feeling of revenge and hate stronger, so vote as an Indian not as a Muslim".

"Citizens should understand that opportunist political and religious leaders appealing to vote for them on the basis of community, not on the ground of the performance and policies of their parties, are the real enemies of the country," he said.

"Every citizen should exercise their right to vote in the interest of a strong democracy. It is the moral duty of everyone," he said.

Khan said that people should vote for the development and unity, and suggested the voters to forget their religion and consider the principals and policies of the political parties at the time of the voting.