'I am certainly not broke'

'I am certainly not broke'

'I am certainly not broke'

Actor-producer Abhay Deol has dispelled rumours about his reported money troubles following the debacle of his debut production One By Two.  

There were rumours that the 38-year-old actor was broke after the unsuccessful run of his maiden production at the box office and had mortgaged one of his apartments in Mumbai but Abhay says it is a regular loan.

“I have taken a regular loan but sometimes media becomes the judge and the jury. I took a loan after Dev D also but they would not report that because the film was a hit,” said Abhay. 

“Sometimes you take a small loan because your money is constantly invested here and there. It is a normal procedure. I am certainly not broke,” the actor said. 

When asked what went wrong with One by Two, in which he starred alongside real-life girlfriend Preeti Desai, Abhay, who is known for his out-of-the-box films like Socha Na Tha, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Dev D and Shanghai, said probably his fans were not expecting a commercial film from him. 

“Well, it is hard to really put a finger on it. The feedback that I got from people was that they were used to seeing me in edgy roles as against commercial ones. It is like being between a rock and a hard place because on one hand investors would not put their money in a risky project and on the other hand, my audience wants me to be a part of such movies.” 

“I think I will have to keep doing what I was doing at the beginning of my career,” he said. 

In his most recent outing Raanjhnaa, he donned the role of a young student leader and socialist, who was not the central character in the film. 

The actor said that he wants to keep doing both commercial and off-beat films in order to maintain a balance in his career. 

“I am not ‘know it all’. But I think I should balance it out by taking risk in one film and doing a safe project.

Lot of people liked me in Manorama Six feet Under, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Dev D and Shanghai and the only common thing in all these films is that when we were making them, we never thought they would work.  

The ones that did not work were safe films,” he said.

Abhay is currently working in three films.