'Strict action against miscreants'

'Strict action against miscreants'

'Strict action against miscreants'

BJP has kept Ram Mandir issue alive to hurt the sentiments of people, says CM

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has said that if Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister, then there will be unrest in the country. The communal flare ups will increase. The voters should exercise their franchise judiciously. 

Addressing a press meet, he said “Modi is a liar. He had submitted false affidavit while filing nominations till recently. Filing false affidavit is an offence. He does not have the eligibility to become the Prime Minister.” 

Siddaramaiah said “the  RSS is backing Modi. The Congress believes in secular principles and it can keep the fabric of secularism in tact. He has been boasting that he can develop the country within 60 months of coming to power. He could not take up integrated development of Gujarat even after 12 years of rule in Gujarat. Gujarat ranks first in infant mortality and malnutrition among women.”  

“The manifesto of the BJP speaks on construction of Ram Mandir and amendment to Article 370. The BJP could not give an account for the  tiles, iron and funds raised for constructing Ram Mandir by taking up an yathre across the country. The BJP has kept the issue of Ram Mandira alive for hurting the sentiments of the people,” he added. 

The Congress-led state government in the State has fulfilled 95 promises. “We will not allow to ban arecanut. The Congress is in favour of farmers, poor and Dalits.” 

The CM said  “illegality in development of Basavanahalli and Kotekere in Chikmagalur has been brought to my notice There is a need to conduct an inquiry into the work.  The BJP government in the State was mired in corruption. The BJP has no moral right to speak on corruption.” 

He has warned Sangha Parivar from taking law into their hands. The police  will act tough on the perpetrators of violence. “Sangh Parivar has made Chikmagalur, Shimoga, Udupi and Mangalore as laboratory for testing Hindutva, to create unrest in the society.

Stringent action will be taken against those who disrupt peace in the state. We will not allow moral policing in the state,” he added. 

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways  Oscar Fernandes, sitting MP and candidate Jayaprakash Hegde among others were present. Former MP D M Putte Gowda collapsed during the convention following fatigue.